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Humanity Remade: Project Olympus

The first book in the Humanity Remade Series
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My Story

A lifelong love for writing has always seemed to take a back seat to the frantic pace of everyday life. It has taken the better part of my life to make the commitment to pursue this passion. I am now determined to bring this world, and many more, to life while balancing my family life and career.

My family and my faith continue to be the focus of my life. I enjoy traveling as well as outdoor activities including camping, hiking, golf, and the occasional beach day. Much of my free time is spent with family and friends, whether at a cookout or just enjoying a game night with friends.

I really look forward to carving out more time to focus on my writing with two additional books in the works currently. You can visit blog to get more information on the upcoming books in the series.

I would like to thank my family and friends for all of the support during this process!

My Books

Humanity Remade: Project Olympus

Humanity has remade itself after the devastating effects of a climate crisis and subsequent world war. The now space faring species has been able to prosper as a unified government has led the push to colonize space and unify the human race. There was peace for a time but as with all things, nothing lasts forever.

A resistance was born from the perceived oppression of the United Nations Governing Authority. These resistance fighters have been labeled a terrorist organization and are now hunted by the UNGA. Specialized soldiers known as TITANs were designed to put an end to the uprising and destroy the resistance.


These TITANs will find that both the

government and the resistance may not be what they seem.

My Books

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